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With our experienced team of trainers, we can offer a wide variety of training in multiple disciplines.  If you are looking to just, try out horseback riding for the first time tune up on your equestrian skills Nikki Jeans Happy Horse Ranch can help you. We have a string of well-trained horses for all different levels of equine experience.  We strive to make your experience the best possible through one-on-one lessons whether it be starting with all the basic fundamentals i.e. grooming, tacking, ground work or for more experienced riders who want to work the flag and/or step up their competitive edge. Nikki Hale the owner/operator tailors her program around ranch sorting which is a family friendly event for all riders. Nikki exemplifies great knowledge on horsemanship and the rewards you can reap from the love of a horse.  Ultimately, Nikki is doing what she loves so she wants to create an environment that has lessons, training, clinics and soon to be sorting events.  Together we want to create a fun atmosphere where safety is our focus and provide our clients with a lifetime experience!

Meet Your Instructor

Nicole Hale

Nikki Jean grew up on a large ranch in Washington State where her passion for horses all begun.  Her love for horses is what got her through many challenging years in life, thus inspiring her to open up Nikki Jeans Happy Horse Ranch to share the joy with others through equestrian lessons. Throughout her middle school and high school years she competed extensively in Western Pleasure and other 4H related disciplines. Nikki and her mother Norma Jean and her managed a 30-horse equestrian facility upon the passing of her father at age 11.  

Nikki attended the University of Washington in Seattle where she was honored to be a collegiate athlete. Her main outlet for relaxation and therapy through college was riding her horse Chipper. In her third year of college Nikki began to train along a reputable reining trainer leading her to start sharing her passion with others by instructing beginner horsemanship lessons.  After building her client portfolio realized there is so much reward in helping others gain trust and security through horses. 

Upon graduating college Nikki then delved further into her entrepreneurial spirit and created her own coffee chain called Nikki Jeans Coffee Company. During this time, she decided to get into the cutting horse world by recommendation from one of her customers.  The first time she rode a cutting horse she was hooked! Nikki was in love with the sport because not only were the horses the most athletic she had ridden, but she loved the horsemanship aspect in that there is so much detail on utilizing your legs, bodyweight distribution and melding with your horse.  She then competed in many larger and smaller cutting shows for over 5 years.  

When Nikki’s businesses began to run more effortlessly, she got back into instructing both adults and children through beginner horsemanship lessons.  Her ability to help others with what she is most passionate about became therapy to her. Later Nikki decided to really step up her entrepreneurial game and purchase the Dunkin Donut Franchise in Northern Nevada.  After 4 years of absolute stress and 300 employees she realized that she was not following God’s calling.  Upon selling her franchise ownership Chipper her beloved horse of 26 years passed away and his passing sparked a calling in her that he would want her to help others feel the joy horses bring. 

In the last 3 years Nikki has applied her cutting knowledge to better understand the Ranch Sorting discipline. Her husband Jay started to love the sport too because it’s much less stress and a family friendly event. Nikki loved that any level of rider can do the sport and determine just how competitive they desire to be. 

All these life experiences have led to the very creation of this exciting journey known as Nikki Jeans Happy Horse Ranch where Nikki will be applying her entrepreneurial skills to a she is passionate about in the equestrian world. They say if you do what you love you never work a day in your life!

Our Riders


Amy J.
    Amy J.

    Cannot say enough good things about Nikki Jeans! The facility is top-notch and beautiful! The horses are highly trained and easy to learn on, and Nikki is amazingly patient and SO much fun! Her passion and joy in riding are contagious, and she always puts safety first! Highly recommend!!!

    Rodona H.
      Rodona H.

      Great place for making lasting memories. There is NO place like this in the area with this level of passion and expertise.

      Cassandra R.
        Cassandra R.

        This was the very best riding experience I have had! Nikki is a great instructor: patient, fun, skilled, and very knowledgeable! I will be back for more lessons for sure --- just awesome!


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